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Our extensive experience allows us to provide our services in many important fields within
both Private & Public sectors:

Our service Categories

Healthcare Facilities
Educational Facilities

Trust in action…not in words

Long story short, kofoa Holding Company perform a range of tasks that encompass the
client’s goal, moreover, we contribute to the development of the project inclusively. The
distributed duties of our administrative team and skilled subcontractors includes, but not
limited to:

  • Organize and monitor work through daily site visits
  • Promptly address any issue that may arise and provide operative solutions
  • Regularly report back during the whole process
  • Deliver the project within the agreed framework
  • Review the document and drawings regarding the project
  • Submit a report to the client about the work plan, expected time, and approximate budget
  • Provide the basic tools and materials in addition to machines and workers
  • Provide protection tools to create a safe working location


Through kofoa Holding Company long journey, which we spent on the reconstruction of
Saudi Arabia, we have left behind a legacy that drives us proud: