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Future success is in the hands of the experts


Do you always face problems in your work and do not know how to find the right solution?
And you are looking for the right, competent and qualified person to give you the right solution
Did you know that the equivalent in Arabic is the word ” Kofoa

Kofoa is the shorthand of efficient … competent …and qualified

We represent a premium mediator to connect between the theoretical section and the practical application of an project related to construction and building, as we oversee the conducted venture and provide the required materials by dealing with providers to ensure high-quality products

The dedication to our organization has brought the company a great reputation across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which contributes to our active balance of dedicated supervision and implementation, because we are committed to every task assigned to us, starting from the basic infrastructure to the first complementary offer, in order to deliver satisfactory results in the shortest period of time

At Kofoa Holding Company, leadership and transparency are the core values of our services, therefore, we keen to deliver diverse projects according to their profile specifications. In addition, we are fully turnkey to manage a variety of sectors of major or minor construction projects with comprehensive contracting services within a safe environment

? Who We Are

In 2003, Kofoa Holding Company was founded in Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, seeking to be a
top-rated provider for contracting services. Through a heart full of determination along with
a motivated workforce, we were able to achieve a significant track record experience and
achievements, which made us one of Kingdom’s leading contracting companies up to date.


Our ambition is to implement

At Kofoa Holding Company, we are building for the future of Saudi Arabia, according to the

vision of the Kingdom 2030, in compliance with the directives and quality standards


? Why We Are

Kofoa Holding Company has managed to deliver more than ??? projects across the KSA, and
become one of the leading contracting providers. We were able to maintain our prestigious
position through our philosophy of putting the client’s needs first and foremost projects
according to the Saudi perspective.
We do the job for you to facilitate your errands and help you procure a maximized profit,
thus, deliver functioning facilities and amenities.


Kofoa Holding Company stands with Saudi Arabia standers of development, where we
provide modern methods to deliver excellent projects in timely execution.


we strive to provide a one-stop shop that handles the overall performance of any drawing or scheme, thus, get the job done and deliver a project that meets your expectations.


our strict policy dictates that we work on more than one party to achieve an integrated project; we contact dealers to provide materials, labor, and safety equipment, teamwork with the responsible architect and client in order to take full note of the scheme aspects, and assort qualified subcontractors that supervise and direct the location, therefore, we ensure that the project is committed to its profile specifications and Kofoa Holding company’s certified standers.


The capacities of our diverse services are powered by the resources of our partners, where we support each other in order to deliver a delightful experience for our clients. Kofoa Holding Company is proud to be attached with highly sophisticated corporations through mutual cooperation and constant communication

Due to our persistent desire to obtain the highest ranks and adhere to international standards of contracting, we were able to
obtain an ISO 9001 certificate


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